CS1501 Intro to Blockchain

This course is designed to introduce undergraduate students to blockchain technology. We'll focus on consensus mechanisms, scaling proposals, and privacy-oriented protocols.


The class resources will be organized in this repo.

What is the format of the class?

This course will operate as a flipped classroom where students read/watch posted materials outside of class and participate in active discussions in class.

What is the workload?

Just like everything else, you get what you put in! The course is presented to students as an interactive game in which they can earn points by completing curriculum-relevant bounties. Tasks could range from reading articles/papers/blog posts to writing code to interact with blockchains.

First steps if enrolled

If you're taking the course, fill out this survey to help me prepare the course.

Who's teaching the class?

‚ÄčAmar Singh is leading the course under the supervision of Professor David Evans. The course is designed to engage students and encourage learning by independent exploration. This follows the philosophy of that fish quote that everyone always says:

If you give someone a fish, you feed them for a day. But if you give them a fishing rod, you feed them for a lifetime.